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This is a simple calculator to estimate the cost of a website.

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Understanding Our Web Development Cost Calculator

Let's provide some context behind some of the options in the calculator such as logo design, domain name, custom email address, google my business, blog/news section, e-commerce, secure members area, seo, responsive, hosting, maintenance, copywriting, art assets, pages, and design customization.

Number of Pages

This option refers to the total number of pages you want on your website.

How custom would you like your website design to be?

This option refers to the amount and level of graphic design needed on the website. For a simple informational website for your brand new business, consider choosing simple or custom. For an established business that wants to go to the next level, consider opting for a premier design.

Do you need your website to be responsive for all devices (phone, tablet, desktop?)

This option asks if you would like for your website to work across all devices AND look good. This is pretty much a requirement nowadays with over 60% of traffic coming from mobile devices. There's even a good chance that you're using this free website cost calculator from your phone.

Do you need hosting?

This option asks if you need someone to host your website for you. It's not enough to get a website created for you, you also need a way to host it so other people can reach your website online.

Do you need maintenance?

This option asks if you need someone to handle maintenance for you. This can refer to many different things, but just some examples are email routing issues, security patches, search engine updates, and more.

Do you need your website optimized for search (SEO)?

This option refers to the need of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website to increase visibility in different search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO can be great for organic traffic and to reach more customers.

Do you need a Google My Business setup to get you onto google maps?

This option refers to showing up on google maps search results. Search for "some service near me" right now. You will see lots of results populate your page. You see the google maps with businesses at the top of your search results? That comes from google my business and it is hugely important as google tends to show it higher on the search results.

Do you need a domain name?

This option refers to the url that users will type to get to your website.

What is responsive design and why is it important?

Responsive design ensures your website displays seamlessly on various devices by automatically adjusting the content's size to fit the screen dimensions. This adaptability ensures the layout and format are maintained, no matter the device size. Google heavily values mobile compatibility when ranking sites, making responsive design essential for any website, regardless of its size or function. Implementing responsive design effectively can significantly enhance your site's usability and search engine ranking.

How much will it cost to build my website and who can do it?

Let's go over the options that you have if you want to create the best website for your brand within your budget. Check out the web design solution provider graph below for more information.

Who can build my website?

There are a few different options for building the best website for your budget

Web Design Solution ProviderFeaturesPrice Range Estimate
Freelance / Solo DesignerAffordable, creative, does not scale well$10 - $150 / hour
Large CorporationFast turnaround, not-personalized, no connection$1,000 - $5,000 / month
Specialized AgencyHigh quality, personalized experience, grows with your business$300 - $20,000 / month
Pros & Cons
Freelancers work for themselves and are not affiliated with a web design company or agency. They are typically the most affordable option for website creation, but there are drawbacks. Entrusting both front-end design and back-end coding to one person may lead to challenges if they are more skilled in one area over the other, potentially compromising your website's quality. Communication with freelancers can be inconsistent. While many are highly professional and will meet your needs effectively, others may be unreliable. Choosing incorrectly could be costly. Understanding how to calculate website costs is crucial in making an informed decision.
Pros & Cons
Large corporations often have extensive teams ready to quickly produce websites. This can be beneficial for rapid delivery at competitive prices. However, being one of many clients can result in a less personalized service. Creative limitations and communication issues due to time zone differences are additional concerns.
Pros & Cons
Specialized agencies typically offer higher quality and more personalized services compared to larger corporations, though they may come at a higher cost. Being smaller, they can afford to invest more in each client, ensuring prompt responses and thorough attention to your project needs. These agencies are well-equipped to handle sophisticated projects, including lead generation and e-commerce websites. While the project completion might take slightly longer, the high standard of work ensures your website is effective and ready for launch without additional adjustments.
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  • We offer transparent pricing with three main packages: Foundation, Growth, and Advanced, ranging from $300 to $975 per month. Each package is designed to cater to different business sizes and needs, from startups to well-established enterprises.

  • Unlike faceless agencies, our personalized approach ensures you have someone who is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with exceptional attention to detail and customer service.

  • We specialize in custom-coded website design and development, ensuring high-speed performance, optimal Google search rankings, and responsive design across all devices. Additional services include web hosting, maintenance, search engine optimization (SEO), ecommerce solutions, lead generation, graphic design, copywriting, and local SEO including Google My Business optimization.

  • Custom-coded websites are tailored specifically to your business needs, ensuring uniqueness in design and functionality. This avoids the common pitfalls of template-based designs such as bloated code and limited customization, leading to better performance, SEO, and a standout presence in your industry.

  • Our web hosting service partners with a world-class provider, offering 99.99% uptime and supporting over 35 million websites. We ensure that your site is fast, secure, and reliably online.

  • Our maintenance plan includes regular edits, security patch installations, and performance improvements, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of your website.

  • Our SEO services are built into the website design process, using proven techniques to enhance your visibility on search engines and attract more organic traffic. For local businesses, we optimize your Google My Business profile which can significantly increase sales from local searches.

  • The timeline can vary depending on the project's complexity and your specific requirements. Typically, a basic website takes a few weeks, while more complex sites might take several months. We'll provide a more precise timeline after discussing your needs.

  • Please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.